Being Mummy

Oh Boy..

Growing up I always knew I wanted to have children, but when I visualised those children they were always girls. I always saw myself as a girl mum. I pictured frilly dresses, Barbie houses, pink bedrooms and dolly prams. When I was pregnant with Theo and found out he was, in fact, a boy I… Continue reading Oh Boy..

Being Mummy

Noah is here..

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything down and I really miss it, as this is a bit of an outlet for me. I’m sure I get more out of writing these than anyone who reads them but thought I would do a little series of blogs to catch up on what… Continue reading Noah is here..

Cancer, Lifestyle

My month.. January 

So as a change of pace I thought that I'd do a run down of stuff that's big in my little world each month. So here we go for January.. I'm using - Frank Body scrub, literally this is life changing. Comes in the cutest packaging (complete this time with sexy shower cap) and is… Continue reading My month.. January 



So, last week I had a nightmare of a journey. I had my first counselling session since I had my surgery (starting to prise open that can of worms that I've kept firmly closed) and then I had a physio appointment. I left the hospital feeling a little delicate emotionally and physically and found myself… Continue reading Driving..

At Home

Pumpkin time..

Autumn is definitely here, and after a week of feeling flatter than a pancake with a heavy dose of the cold and a toddler who was massively out of sorts, I felt the need to do something nice. This something nice, included a lovely stomp in some leaves, a gorgeous bowl of soup and some… Continue reading Pumpkin time..


The elephant..

You ever hear the phrase 'the elephant in the room'?! He's with me. That giant, pink (I like to imagine him as pink) awkward git is with me. After I was diagnosed with cancer, he was tiny, insignificant in fact. Everyone I talked to or who came to see me, everyone who called or texted,… Continue reading The elephant..