The big C… and ME

I'm not sure if anyone watched 'The Big C and Me' on TV over the last few weeks. It's a series which followed people from a cancer diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. I certainly hadn't given any thought to be 'The Big C' and ME before last year, it just didn't cross my mind. I've… Continue reading The big C… and ME


The sky is falling..

This day last year.. I thought my life was over. At 29 years old I had just found out I had cancer. I thought it was the end, but I was wrong. It was only the beginning.  The beginning of the most difficult year of my life.  I had it all in front of me.… Continue reading The sky is falling..


What was I saying..

My memory is shot to hell... like seriously. I cannot remember a thing.. or can I?! It's like everything is foggy all the time. My iPhone is a testament to this as I have about 40,000 bizarre notes that say things like 'curtains' or 'dog' that I've typed to remind myself of something for later,… Continue reading What was I saying..

Cancer, Lifestyle

My month.. January 

So as a change of pace I thought that I'd do a run down of stuff that's big in my little world each month. So here we go for January.. I'm using - Frank Body scrub, literally this is life changing. Comes in the cutest packaging (complete this time with sexy shower cap) and is… Continue reading My month.. January 


Square peg, round hole..

How do you slot back in to a life that you've basically vacated for over half a year? It's really hard, to be changed so much in such a short time, in almost every way possible, and to emerge and slot straight back into place, follow the same path you were on before. Cancer has… Continue reading Square peg, round hole..

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Santa Claus..

I am obsessed with Christmas, well all holidays actually but Christmas... well it's just different. I love that it's an opportunity to spread 'goodwill among men' and this year I am ALL about the goodwill. As we grow up, Christmas can become less 'magical' and more about the stresses of grown up life like 'can… Continue reading Santa Claus..