Being Mummy

Slow down..

A few nights ago, I went along to the nursery school that Theo will be starting in September. As I sat there (on an incredibly tiny chair) I couldn't quite believe that this time was coming already. That in September I'll have to send him off every day and he'll do things and see things… Continue reading Slow down..

Being Mummy

Monkey see, monkey do..

A few nights ago when I was putting Theo to bed, we were going through our usual bedtime ritual which includes teeth brushing. He was there on his little stool brushing away and I thought I'd do my teeth too. I was merrily brushing at the mirror and suddenly I noticed that he was copying… Continue reading Monkey see, monkey do..

Being Mummy, Cancer

Santa Claus..

I am obsessed with Christmas, well all holidays actually but Christmas... well it's just different. I love that it's an opportunity to spread 'goodwill among men' and this year I am ALL about the goodwill. As we grow up, Christmas can become less 'magical' and more about the stresses of grown up life like 'can… Continue reading Santa Claus..

Being Mummy

What do you say..

Terror. The world itself makes me feel that emotion.. terror. Terror is what you must feel when the boat you've loaded your entire family onto to escape your burning city, begins to sink in the dark. It's what you must feel when your about to enjoy a concert on a Friday night and someone begins… Continue reading What do you say..

Being Mummy

Goodbye two..

Tonight I put a two year old to bed... for the last time. We had a wonderful day. He was delighted that his party was finally here (he's been waiting a long time, and it's hard for a two year old to wait). He kicked balloons, hugged friends, ate cake and was finally ready for… Continue reading Goodbye two..